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Other works

Please note that new projects will be published very soon, along with the new website. Among them you'll find my works for JP Morgan, Campbell, Legg Mason, BNY Mellon...

  • Aperosa B&B

    design + html + css + mobile

    Aperosa B&B

    Website design for a Bed&Breakfast in Florence. Mobile version has different CSS to degrade gracefully.

    Dreamweaver Photoshop Fireworks HTML5 CSS3
  • Queexo - Social Media Aggregator & Marketplace

    UX/UI and design consultant


    I've been asked to offer my knowledge on UX/UI and design to help developing this new Italian social media aggregator with a twist.
    (beta subscription link here)

  • Maurizio Mori


    Maurizio Mori

    Design of the entire brand for this handmade jewels creator: logotype, business cards, shop prints, shoppers, catalogue photography, e-commerce website.

    Illustrator Photoshop Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS3 ...
  • Centrica, poster for SMAU event


    Centrica (poster)

    Design of a poster to be used as a background of a stand in a job fair (about 3,5m x 2m).

    Photoshop Illustrator ...
  • Palazzo Ducale di Lucca

    design + photo + Director + QuicktimeVR

    Palazzo Ducale, Lucca

    First, shooting and postprocessing (HDR and stitching), then creation of an animated tour in one floor of the city hall.

    Director Photoshop QuickTime VR ...
  • Servizio Sanitario Toscana

    art direction + design + html + css

    Servizio Sanitario Toscana

    Website design for the Regional Health Service of Tuscany. The lack of images was a client request.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS
  • Car Service Il Pino

    design + html + css

    Car Service Il Pino

    Website design for a car rental service in Tuscany offering luxury driven cars.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS3
  • Spattergasm



    Website concept for a tattoo, piercing and street art online magazine. Unfortunately it has never been published.

    Photoshop Fireworks
  • Borsalavoro Toscana

    art direction + design

    Borsalavoro Toscana

    Website design for the Regional Job Offering Service of Tuscany.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS
  • Famiglie al Centro


    Famiglie al Centro

    Logotype and website design for an association of psychologists doing therapies, consultancies and workshops.

    Illustrator Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS
  • Hotel Miramar

    design + html + css

    Hotel Miramar

    Website design for a hotel located on a small peninsula on the lake Garda.

    Photoshop Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS
  • Bamboonuts



    Flyer design for a clubbing event in Paris.

About me

In a nutshell

  • • Strong concept development and graphic design ability
  • • Excellent understanding of composition, colour, imagery, typography, SEO, usability and navigation
  • • Strong working experience with Adobe softwares. Useful knowledge of other softwares and to code from scratch in non-WYSIWYG environment
  • • More than 18 years of experience creating graphics, photos, user interfaces, stylesheets, colour schemes, templates and layouts for use in design, print and/or website projects
  • • Experience providing art direction to a team of web designers and developers
  • • Ability to self-manage projects and work within time deadlines
  • • Team oriented, passionate and self-motivated!
  • • Et enfin, three languages! Fantastico! (yes: English, French and Italian)


  • Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator/Freehand, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign
  • HTML(up to 5), CSS(up to 3), jQuery
  • Photography and image postprocessing


  • Human-Computer Interaction
    Stanford University | 85,8/100 with distinction
  • Gamification
    University of Pennsylvania | 87,5/100
  • Social Psychology
    Wesleyan University | 93/100 with distinction
  • Learning Creative Learning
    MIT | online course with no grading
  • Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies
    University of Maryland | 83,7/100


  • Graphic design, photography, computers, videogames, music, movies, art, cooking, internet surfing, travels, new stuff/gadgets and too many other things.


  • 2012-now
    KURTOSYS, London | Head of Design
    Web design; Factsheets
  • 2001-2012
    KOANDESIGN.COM | Freelance
    Interface design; Brochures; Corporate Stationery; Prints; Photography; Web design
  • 2004-2011
    ALFAWEB, Florence | Art Director, Designer, Photographer
    Brochures; Logos; Corporate Stationery; Flash animations; Web design
  • 2001-2011
    CENTRICA, Florence | Art Director, Designer, Photographer
    Interface design; Brochures; Corporate Stationery; Prints; Photography; Web design
  • 2005-2008
    ALLRIGHT, Galluzzo | Designer, Photographer
    Art Director for Geomag;
    CD-ROM, Web design
  • 2003-2004
    SPAZIO, Florence | Art Director, Designer
    Interface design; Logos; Web design
  • 2000-2001
    WAYIN/KOMETE, Sesto F.no | Web Designer
    Web design
  • 1998-1999
    DADA, Florence | Web Designer, Web Developer
    Web design
  • 1996-1997
    CISPEL TOSCANA, Florence | Web Designer
    Web design

Other works

  • Centrica, brochures


    Centrica (brochures)

    Various designs for the corporate brochures of a multimedia agency.

    Photoshop Illustrator Freehand InDesign Acrobat ...
  • Yahoo Italia

    design + animation

    Yahoo Italia

    Animation for a Xmas Flash Card sent by Yahoo Italy to its subscribers.

    Illustrator Flash
  • XLimage: La Mappa del Bonsignori


    XLimage: Bonsignori

    Design of a cover and a label for a CD-ROM distributed during an exhibition.

    Photoshop Illustrator
  • Giunti OS

    design + flash + html + css

    Giunti OS

    Website design for the only publishing house in Italy allowed to sell psychological tests to professionals.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash CSS
  • True North


    True North

    Logotype concept for a 99designs.com contest.

  • Consorzio Vera Pelle

    design + flash

    Consorzio Vera Pelle

    CD-ROM design and animations for the Italian True Leather Consortium. I made three CDs for them for three consecutive seasons.

    Photoshop Illustrator Flash
  • Euro Security


    Euro Security

    Brochure design for an Italo-American agency offering security services, transfers and meetings organization.

    Photoshop Freehand
  • XLimage

    UI design + design + html + css


    UI and website concepts for an internet image server software allowing the view of high resolution images on a web browser.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash CSS
  • MonnaLuna

    design + html + css3


    E-commerce website.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS3



    Logotype concept for the Italian Association of Image Consultants.

  • Geomag

    design + flash + html + css


    Website design for the Swiss magnetic toy producer Geomag.

    Photoshop Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash CSS
  • Associazione Chiese Vive

    UI design

    Associazione Chiese Vive

    UI design for a multi-touch software to be used by visitors during an exhibition.

    Photoshop Fireworks
  • Deka Laser

    design + html + css

    Deka Laser

    Website design (two restylings in three years) for an Italian medical lasers manufacturer.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS
  • Giesse Auto

    design + html + css

    Giesse Auto

    Website design for one of the biggest car dealers in Florence.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS3
  • Studio Ing. Fanfani

    design + html + css

    Studio Ing. Fanfani

    Website design for an European patent and trademark attorney.

    Dreamweaver Fireworks CSS

About me

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